Top Hat And Tails
Series 04, Episode 02
Air Date 15 April 1976
Previous No Sale
Next Forward Mr. Grainger

Top Hat And Tails is the second episode of the fourth season, which was first broadcast on 15 April 1976.

Summary[edit | edit source]

It's ballroom dancing season, and the staff of Grace Brothers will be entering the competition. Well, not willingly at first, but Grace Brothers has learned that if you offer money to the staff, they will do just about anything! Mr. Grace wants to win it this year, and has Mr. Humphries train the team. However, Mr. Humphries but finds it hard to work with the staff because: there are more men than women, leaving Captain Peacock to be partners with an excited Mr. Humphries; Mrs. Slocombe bickers about how Mr. Lucas is working around her cleavage; Mr. Grainger is not the keenest fellow on his feet; the costumes do not work out too well (except Mr. Humphries' costume, but by now it seems kind of natural for him to have a gold-lamè tuxedo at home ready to wear); and the dancing dummy displays which were attacking each other before are now dancing far better than the staff ever could. So guess who's representing Grace Brothers in the Store Ballroom Dance Competition?

This episode is sometimes referred to as "The Lost Episode". thumb|300px|right

Cast[edit | edit source]

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