The Hand Of Fate
Series 03, Episode 01
The Hand Of Fate
Air Date 27 February 1975
Previous Hoorah for the Holidays
Next Coffee Morning

The Hand Of Fate is the first episode of the third season, twelfth overall, which was first broadcast on 27 February 1975.

Summary Edit

One of the directors is retiring from the Board due to ill health, and Mr. Rumbold is being considered for the position. If he gets the position, Captain Peacock will take over from him, and Mr. Grainger and Mrs. Slocombe both want to replace Peacock.

Meanwhile, Mr. Humphries reveals he can read palms and when he reads Captain Peacock's it leads the staff to believe he and Rumbold will both be promoted, while Mrs. Slocombe's palm says she will have a man at her feet.

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