Series 01, Episode 01
Air Date 8 September 1972
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'The Pilot is the first episode of Are You Being Served's first series which aired for the first time on 8 September 1972. Although this episode had originally been broadcast in colour, the signal was wiped after the broadcast. However, it was recolourised and shown on BBC Two as part of a special Are You Being Served? Night on 1st January 2010.'

Episode summaryEdit

The staff of the Gents' Ready Mades department at Grace Brothers are none too pleased to find out that they now have to share their department floor with Ladies' Intimate Apparel.

Mr Lucas, the newest member of the staff, might like the idea of the ladies on the floor - but old Mr Grainger certainly doesn't. When Mrs Slocombe starts demanding the impossible - the centre display stand - the first of many battles ensues.

Also appearingEdit

  • Stephanie Gathercole as Mr Rumbold's secretary
  • Michael Knowles as a customer
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