Our Figures Are Slipping
Series 01, Episode 03
Our Figures Are Slipping
Air Date 28 March 1973
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Our Figures Are Slipping is the third episode of the first series and is the third episode overall. This episode was first broadcast on 28 March 1973.

Episode summary Edit

Sales figures are down and Mr Rumbold decides to hold a class in salesmanship after hours. The staff are not happy with staying at work in their own time, especially Mr Lucas, who has asked Miss Brahms to come to the pictures with him.

Mr Rumbold can't quite seem to make his point, and when Young Mr Grace pops in Mr Lucas shows him a remarkable example of salesmanship, proving to his superiors that he might not be such a hopeless salesman after all.

Also appearingEdit

  • Stephanie Gathercole as Mr Rumbold's secretary
  • Peter Needham as The returned glen check
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