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Mollie Sugden as Mrs Slocombe

Mrs Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Abergavenny 'Betty' Slocombe, née Yiddell, was portrayed by Mollie Sugden between 1972 and 1985.

Funny Phrases

- Weak as water! Weak as water!

- If my pussy saw that, it'd be straight up the curtains.

- Men are very polite these days. They never try anything!

- Where exactly is this pub?

- And I am unanimous in that!

- Oh, that does suit madam.

- Mr Akbar, this is Mrs Slocombe, your next door neighbour. I wonder if you could do me a favour? Would you go next door to my flat, bend down and look through the letterbox? And if you could see my pussy, would you drop a sardine on the mat?

Mrs Slocombe's ever-changing hair colour was her most vibrant feature.