His And Hers
Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date 11 April 1973
Previous Camping In
Next Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend

His And Hers is the fifth episode of the first series, and fifth episode overall, which was first broadcast on 1 April 1973.

Synopsis Edit

The sales staff are upset when Grace Brothers hires an attractive outside saleswoman (Joanna Lumley) to demonstrate a new unisex line of perfume, "His and Hers."

Sales of the perfume cut into the staff's commissions, and when they discover that the saleswoman is giving away freebies with every purchase, the staff comes together and successfully sabotage the perfume stand.

The saleswoman quits, but the staff learns that they have, in effect, bitten the hand that feeds them and must now sell the perfume themselves. now called Hers and Her,s a take on from His and her,s only in hers and hers they have more priced goods and towels and body shaves items

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