Miss Edna Bagnold was a minor character in Are You Being Served?. She was portrayed in 1985 by Maggie Henderson. The episode, Grounds For Divorce, which originally aired on 25 February, portrayed Miss Bagnold as a former paramour of Captain Peacock, who wished to continue a romantic relationship with him.


Miss Bagnold and Captain Peacock had been lovers in the past, up to the point that Peacock decided to change banks. Miss Bagnold joined the accounts department in the same store where Peacock was working, and she was in love with him, and desperately wanted to continue an affair. Peacock's wife was less than pleased and forced her husband to tell her by 5pm which woman he desired.

Peacock wanted to end the affair with Miss Bagnold, and went to extreme measures to try and shake her off. He requested that she be relocated to another store, but Rumbold refused. He then attempted to get caught kissing Mrs Slocombe (who was in on it), and make Miss Bagnold so jealous she would leave him. The plan was foiled when Rumbold walked in on them and threatened Peacock his job if he continued his romantic ways.

In the end, to the shock of the fellow staff, Captain Peacock purchased female clothing, and proceeded to change into the clothing. When Miss Bagnold saw him, she was so horrified that she never wanted to see him again, and ran away crying. Peacock's wife turned up in men's clothing, and explained that they were going to a fancy dress party.

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