Dear Sexy Knickers
Series 01, Episode 02
Dear Sexy Knickers
Air Date 21 March 1973
Previous Pilot
Next Our Figures Are Slipping

Dear Sexy Knickers is the second episode of Are You Being Served's first series, and second episode overall, which was broadcast on 21 March 1973.

Summary Edit

Mr Lucas gets himself into trouble by trying a little too hard to make a customer fit in trousers a size too small, and the situation doesn't improve when he decides to send Miss Brahms a love note.

Mrs Slocombe, Captain Peacock and Mr Grainger all get tangled up in Mr Lucas's mess, and it's up to a confused Mr Rumbold to sort things out when Captain Peacock complains about the trick of the trade Mr Humphries taught Mr Lucas.

Also appearingEdit

  • Robert Raglan as The forty-inch waist
  • Derek Smith as The twenty-eight inch inside leg
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