Cold Store
Series 03, Episode 04
Cold Store
Air Date 20 March 1975
Previous Up Captain Peacock
Next Wedding Bells

Cold Store is the fourth episode of the third season, which was first broadcast on 20 March 1975.

Summary Edit

Mr. Lucas has a girl coming to visit him, so he tries to pretend he has a cold to get the day off work. Captain Peacock gets Sister (played by Joy Allen) to check his temperature, which says he is perfectly normal.

However, Mrs. Slocombe does have a cold, but refuses to go home. And Miss Brahms, who has an injection to prevent her getting a cold, refuses to work with her. Captain Peacock then decides that the solution is that Mr. Lucas work with Mrs. Slocombe for the day, but he still tries to get sent home sick by falling down the stairs aided by Mr. Mash. Guest starring Pamela Cundell and Gordon Peters.

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