Camping In

Original air date

4 April 1973



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Our Figures Are Slipping

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His And Hers

Episode summary

A transport strike leaves the staff stranded at Grace Brothers. Sleeping in tents isn't Mrs Slocombe's idea of a comfortable way to spend the night and Mr Rumbold isn't too keen to sleep out on the floor with the staff, but that's the least of their problems when it transpires that Captain Peacock is trying to squeeze into Miss Brahms's tent, Mr Lucas can't actually keep his tent upright and Miss Brahms refuses to wear pyjamas. Later, war memories emerge round the camp fire and Captain Peacock shares Mr Rumbold's bed, with disastrous consequences.

Also appearing

James Copeland as The Scottish customer

Anita Richardson as The 38C cup

Pamela Manson as The large brim with fruit

Stephanie Gathercole as Mr Rumbold's secretary

David Rowlands as The man with the large bra

Colin Bean as The leatherette gloves

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